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 Titan Quest
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 What was your first game finished on the pc?
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 CYBERPUNK 2077 - Revolution or disappointment? THE FUTURE ARE COMING!
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 Did anyone else back EverQuest Next?
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 Dead Frontier II
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 what games are you guys gonna buy
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 Nighthawks has beaten its Kickstarter goal by $11,000.
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 Zombicide games
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 Is GTA V still worth buying on steam sale.
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 Bitter Tides ( first-person stealth and horror game)
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 Today is my Birthday (Single player psychological horror game)
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 Kickstarter Knives
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 Pathfinder: Kingmaker
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 Ark Worlds - MOBA card game
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 Bushiden - A Futuristic, Ninja Action Platformer
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 Tiny Epic Mechs
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 Thief's Roulette (A Puzzling Thriller for the Nintendo Switch and PC, inspired by the Danganronpa and Zero Escape game series)
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 Add The Bard's Tale IV to your wishlist to unlock content and lower the price of the game
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 Elfenhiem: A Multiplayer Fantasy Survival Game.
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 Daily Quest: For over 20 years, we've watched this Indian Jones wanna-be evolve. #help
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 KnifeBoy - A 2D Action Adventure Metroidvania Game!!!!!!
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 One Zero Three (First-person mystery adventure)
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