The Welcome Board - Rules and Useful Links
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 -MUST READ- Quick guide to daily Arena Reward Points (ARPs)
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 Welcome To Alienware Arena. Please Introduce yourself.
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 One JoJo's pose a day keeps the donuts away
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 Just say...
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 How do you see me? Yes or no ... Converse and be Merry!
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 Выполняем ежедневные задания повышаем уровень очки ARP, Complete daily quests, raise ARP points
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 Welcome New aliens
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 Praise the sun
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 Good Morning Brothers
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 Good day everyone :)
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 Привет всему русскоязычному сообществу! Выполняем дейлики! :D
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 Converse and be Merry
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 Hello Guys!!! Iae Galera
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 Hello guys im new lets have a nice time here :)
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 Hail all Gamers
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 Hey guys, what's up?
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 Hello Brothers!!
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