Crash Force

Crash Force


Crash Force is an amalgamation of the most popular genres in gaming; it is an Online MultiplayerArenaShooting game at its core, with RPG and Racing elements, where the player assumes the role of a hovercraft to annihilate his enemies.

Choose your side between the three rival hovercraft families, nine hovercrafts models, and battle in three distinct maps.

Crash Force will feature:

  • Fight your way to the top of the ranks with the help of friends or solo in a 6v6 fast paced shooting style. 
  • Engage your opponents, in four different game modes: Team Showdown, One Man Wolfpack, Capture the Flag and Control the Nest. The game mode names may change until release. 
  • Choose from three different maps: Aquila Plains, Cicuma Forest and Clava Tombs
  • Will you be the one to hit the maximum level of 30 first? 
  • Reach maximum level and start working on your Aviation Levels to unlock specialized skills. 
  • Compare your profile statistics (KD ratio etc.) with your friends and customize your profile look with a variety of icons
  • Multiple customization options for you hovercrafts in the form of skins. 
  • Choose from 9 Hovercrafts (three at the moment for BETA), three classes, and three hovercraft families (Aquilas, Clavae and Cicumas). 
  • Dominate your opponents with a variety of different Abilities
  • Control your in-game view of the vehicle, using two camera modes: Combat mode(locked) and unlocked. 
  • Pick up ammo packs for your vehicle's primary and secondary weapons
  • Refuel your hovercraft's energy by passing over energy pads.

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