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Welcome Bros & Broettes!

For the uninitiated among you, that may or may not be aware of the awesomeness of Super Dungeon Bros, allow us to give you the 'Bro'down.  Read on further or check out the Meet the Bros intro below #BrosB4Foes

What is Super Dungeon Bros?

Embark on a quest from the gods of rock with heavy metal heroes Axl, Lars, Freddie and Ozzie in Super Dungeon Bros, a fast paced, action focused, rock themed dungeon brawler!

Play on your own or with up to 4 friends in couch or online co-op as you raid the deepest dungeons of Rökheim in search of epic loot, hordes of evil undead and the legends of long lost fabled rock stars! Wield wicked weapons with devastating destruction or exploit the punishing puzzles and terrifying traps that will slice and dice foes and bros alike. Fling your friends onto far off ledges and distant trap triggers, hurl your bros at advancing attackers or unleash your tag team tactics with the ultimate bro-op offensive!

If really you’re up for the challenge, test your heavy metal in the deadly daily dungeon or master the way of the wicked weekly dungeon and climb to the peak of the global leaderboards.

Just remember - always put your #BrosB4Foes!

Super Dungeon Bros Key Features

Multiple Worlds - Explore the rock themed realm of Rökheim and dive deep into the worlds of Cryptheim (an underground dungeon complex), Chillheim (a brewery built upon a natural brew geyser) and Bogheim (a sprawling jungle filled with poisonous plants and animals).

Better with Bros! – Play with up to 4 friends or venture into the deepest depths of Rökheim alone in scary single player.

Online & Couch Co-Op – Raid the dungeons of Rökheim in on or offline co-op multiplayer with cross platform play between Xbox One & Windows 10.

Endless Dungeon Combinations – Never rock the same dungeon twice thanks to the random room generation AI, with unlimited dungeon designs.

Roguelike Platforming - Exploit the punishing puzzles with deadly effect or harness the terrifying traps that will slice and dice foes and bros alike!

Wicked Weapons - Choose from a range of wicked weapons over 4 weapon classes including swords, crossbows, hammers and wands as you plunder the darkest depths of Rökheim in search of epic loot!

Mini Missions – Maintain your game with regular mini missions to increase your wealth and in game arsenal!

Daily & Weekly Dungeons – Compete with friends from around the world in the deadly daily dungeon or master the way of the wicked weekly dungeon to climb to the peak of the global leaderboards.

Rock the Night Away - Epic boss battles and a cast of fiendish foes compliment a totally rocking soundtrack!


The Dungeon Bros

Axl (Blue) AKA: The Tough One

Personality: Tough & Serious

Axl is the muscle of the group and isn’t afraid to remind everyone. A ‘fight first, ask questions never’ type of guy, Axl will get the job done. Just as long as a huge piles of Bonie bones and A LOT of property damage is not an issue.



Lars (Yellow) AKA: The Quiet One

Personality: Ladies Man & Socially Awkward

Lars believes himself to be quite the ladies’ man within the group. It is a shame that he becomes crippling incoherent once he starts talking to the opposite sex. Still, at least he has the completely unrealistic goal of trying to hook up with the queen of Chillheim to fall back on.



Freddie (Red) AKA: The Crazy One

Personality: Crazy / Not Bright

You know that guy in a group of friends that does the stupidest and most insane things because they believe it could be funny, even if no one else will? Freddie is that guy. To say he is dumber than a bag of rocks would be an insult to rocks.



Ozzie (Green) AKA: The Smart One

Personality: Never Serious / Prankster / Planner

Ozzie is a genius. It's just a shame that his genius is used for causing mischief and mayhem on an unbelievable scale rather than making Rökheim a better place. There is a fine line between genius and insanity; we’re just not sure what side of the line Ozzie is on.


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