Warhammer Quest goes Microtransaction free on Steam 16th January 2015

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Following community feedback on Steam, Warhammer Quest we have decided to remove the gold purchase micro-transactions from the game. This decision was influenced by the community and our discussions with them on a daily basis.

Initially we decided to keep in the gold purchases for the casual players who wished to play the game faster. The gold purchases were completely optional and not needed to complete the game. The gold drop rate within the game was balanced and it was perfectly possible to win without spending any additional money.

However, our community engagement showed that a large majority wanted the gold purchases out so we have removed them!

Good communication with the community is important for us. With our first game we wanted to do everything right. We believe this is the step in the right direction and will bring us closer to our fans.

More on this can be found on Warhammer Steam store page under announcements and discussions.

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Thank you for the information.

thank you for the information as well