Ian's Eyes Steam Key Giveaway

Ian's Eyes Steam Key Giveaway

We're teaming up with SOEDESCO to give our top Alienware Arena members a chance to play an indie game like no other. Help a blind 8-year-old boy named Ian who doesn't know the terrifying dangers that lurk around in every hallway. You play as North, Ian’s lifelong canine companion. Can you help him escape alive?

Keys will begin to be assigned based on ARP Level on August 16th at 8:00 AM PT.

About Ian's Eyes:
Welcome to Wintreal, a small town in the northern US and home to the Blue Norholm Centenary School. Today is Ian’s first day at his new school. Being blind, Ian has always relied on North, his faithful seeing eye dog, to guide him. But not everything is as it seems at Blue Norholm, and it won’t take long until Ian’s blindness will be the least of North’s problems…

-Guide Ian through the game as North, his faithful canine companion
-Use stealth, misdirection an guile to avoid the ghoulish students
-No violence

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Thank You Alienware!


Thanks Alienware!


Thanks for this new kind of Giveaway! :]

..:: DARKKi / NZTi! ::..


Thank you Alienware Arena for another amazing giveaway






Thanks for the chance! :D


Thank You!


Thanks for the chance :)


GL !

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