Here's a better look at PUBG's upcoming foggy weather

Here's a better look at PUBG's upcoming foggy weather

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds just tweeted some new screenshots that give us a foggy look at the new fog effects headed to the Early Access battle royale shooter, after teasing a single image earlier. Have a look above and below. The next update will also bring a new rifle and leaderboards for first-person servers, as well as the usual smattering of tweaks and bug-fixes.

I suppose my question is: do people really want to play PUBG in fog on a regular basis? I personally sort of hate fog. When it's foggy in Fallout 4, for example, I'll find the nearest bench, sit my butt down, and fast-forward time until it clears up. In a spooky horror game fog feels apropos, but in an action shooter I guess I'd rather be able to see as much as possible.

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Nice. No more sniper 1 shot deaths :)))


It looks nice. But, I wonder what it will look like for players with low settings.


I always hated the rainy weather, hope this one is better. Anti-Sniper Map. They need to bring in some uv glasses to see through some dense fog which we can get from package.


Looks good :)
Can't wait to actually try this out 
Thanks for the share OP!



Good to see an weather update included in the game. Would be a great way to test player's killing skills.


Interesting stuff


Looks awesome!!! Can't wait to try it out!! 

"The skins of those you love will fly as my Banners."


I already have difficulty spotting players sometimes. The introduction of fog is going to take it to a whole other level.


More challenge more fun


It's advisable

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Check the weather report, because reduced visibility is headed your way.

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