Say goodbye to CoD: Infinite Warfare with a silly update for the Halloween

Say goodbye to CoD: Infinite Warfare with a silly update for the Halloween

Call of Duty had some very ingenious contents and moments of creative extravagance with its zombie component. But, Infinity Ward this year also had fun with the main multiplayer component - first they had summer events in which players were transformed into objects on maps, and shortly thereafter was introduced also a war with gestures.

The series in the 11th month returns to serious WWII thematic and to assume is that we will not see such silly content in that game. But before this happens, CoD will mark a month of horror with Willard Wyler's Halloween Scream event.

The same has already started and will run till 01 November, and to Infinite Warfare adds a new zombie mode, a new map, then a bunch of crazy things. Maybe this in the bottom trailer has absolutely nothing to do with the Call of Duty series, but Activision would not agree with that.

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More content - more fun




this is very good


It's time to say goodbye...


Good bye, CoD!


more fun<3


I think it's amazing that COD is celebrating with an event for Halloween


More fun! ^^


Goodbye CoD


this is very good , nice CoD

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Activision continues to work on experimental content for CoD: Infinite Warfare before getting serious for its return to World War II.

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