Paladins announces battle royale game mode named 'Battlegrounds'

Paladins announces battle royale game mode named 'Battlegrounds'

In the wake of PUBG's spectacular and ever-growing success, we've witnessed an opportunistic flurry royale games and game modes over the last several months. We predicted this trend was almost certain to spill into 2018, and now free-to-play hero shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm has assumed the mantle.


Announced today at Hi-Rez Expo 2018, Paladins: Battlegrounds bills itself as ''the first-ever hero shooter battle royale'', that combines ''ability-driven combat with survival gameplay and a fantasy setting to create something new.''


Here's a trailer:


Paladins: Battlegrounds is due at some stage later this year, whereas an early alpha version is playable at this weekend's Hi-Rez Expo.


Update - 


Hi-Rez Studios president Stew Chisam has explained why he and his team opted for 'Battlegrounds' over, say, battle royale, or a similar appendage. 

In conversation with Pip on the expo show floor, Chisam suggested that the term better reflected MMO battlegrounds- such as WoW's Alterac Valley, than anything perhaps more obvious. 

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I think there is still time to be profitable with the battlegrounds battle royale genre but that window is closing fast.

“Winning isn't everything--but wanting to win is.” ― Vince Lombardi Jr.


its a funny game I hope that mode is well implemented and we can see a funny battle royal




Hopefully they planned their Battle Royal Mode better than PubG and Fortnite.






lets see how it goes for them


It will be interesting to compare PUBG and Paladin, I look forward to the release of the game mode with the surviving hero. Thanks for the news!




I prefer paladins.

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With 100 players, a contracting map, and 20-minute matches.

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