NDA Violation During Anthem Alpha Nets One Player an Empty Origin Game Library

NDA Violation During Anthem Alpha Nets One Player an Empty Origin Game Library

This past weekend, BioWare and EA ran the first closed alpha event for Anthem and one streamer found out the hard way that the two companies were serious about the rules set forth in the non-disclosure agreement. A player named "smokethrone", chose to try to stream the game in violation of the NDA and was shut down without even being able to progress past the start screen. But it gets better...

Not only were developers holding players' feet to the fire about respecting the terms of the NDA and shutting this individual down almost immediately, but they wanted to make sure that the offending player understood how serious the breach is. As a result of the stream attempt and subsequent shutdown, "smokethrone" has also lost all access to his Origin library. It is unknown if this is a permanent disabling of all of the streamer's games or if it's a temporary ban. According to GameRant.com (via LiveFails), this individual can log in to Origin, but there are no games listed.

Whether or not further alpha testing will occur remains to be seen. Anthem will, however, have a beta event starting at the end of January - early February with launch coming on February 22nd.

The Alpha’s on.
And I’m seeing some chatter about connectivity issues to the servers.
2 things:
1. This is one of the primary purposes of the test.
2. You are actually in violation of your NDA if you are publicly discussing issues you are having.

— Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) December 8, 2018

Streamer Breaks Anthem NDA, Loses Entire Library

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Streamer breaks Anthem NDA, loses entire library

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