Tiny PUBG patch finally fixes dreaded fullscreen bug

Tiny PUBG patch finally fixes dreaded fullscreen bug

During testing, PUBG players reported an especially annoying bug in patch 24 that forced the game to display in windowed full screen, despite selecting native fullscreen.

The bug wasn’t fixed in time for launch, and it’s been annoying players over the holiday break. For some, being stuck in windowed full screen means the loss of significant performance, and it’s especially evident on the new map Vikendi. Speaking of full screen fixes, the mouse cursor should no longer move erratically between screens in dual monitor setups.

The patch, less than 90MB, also fixed a UI inventory bug, and plugged some map exploits. Finally, the animation issue that caused pressing Alt (such as to free-look) while aiming would switch to third-person aiming, has too be taken care of.

Check the full change log below.

  • Fixed a map issue which allowed players to get into an unintended location
  • Fixed an issue with weapon inventory images displaying incorrectly after equipping some attachments.
  • Fixed an issue that caused PUBG to launch in ‘Fullscreen Windowed’ mode even when set to Fullscreen.
  • Fixed an issue that the character animation is stuck shoulder firing (soft-aiming) when pressing ALT and aiming at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where in specific circumstances the mouse cursor would unintentionally be allowed to move to another screen when using dual monitors in Fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed an issue where destructible objects including doors would disappear after moving to a different point on the timeline in Replay/Death cam mode.


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Good news. Better performance, detail, rendering, and graphics in general when in Fullscreen.


pubg have always bug on game ...



Johnny St



I don't like PUBG

Aiden Pearce

Hehe boi







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