It’s been another nail-biting week of League of Legends, here in Europe with week 4 of the LEC showcasing both incredible plays and daring gambles. But who are our winners and who are our losers? 

G2 Esports come away top trumps after going 8-0 for the Season, after their respective duals with both Vitality and FNATIC. But a perfect run isn’t enough for some, with the latter game setting records in European League of Legends – a 20 minute 35 second victory, the fastest ever in the LEC and EULCS. 

Rogue are still without a win, here in week 4 and questions have to be asked of the team. Despite a strong showing in most games, and improving figures week-on-week, the team have yet to come away with the W. 

Our highlights this week come from Splyce’s Norskeren and Misfits’ sOAZ. 
Norskeren’s been developing his sixth-sense, here in the first clip – issuing a blind pull on SK’s Pirean to deliver the kill. 

And sOAZ wastes no time in clip number two – hotfooting it away from the entire Splyce team, dancing directly through the danger zone. 

What was your favourite play of this week’s LEC? #AWBigPlays