Netflix Announces its First Game Based on Stranger Things

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The rumors have been flying for some time, and finally it has been fulfilled. And is that Netflix has made the leap to the video game industry with a first title based on its successful series Stranger Things, which also will debut its new season in just over two weeks. The famous producer has confirmed that it is a mobile game, which will reach both iOS and Android.

The game of Stranger Things, according to Netflix itself, is a title that mixes the style of RPG with puzzles and that is based on the environment in which part of the plot of the original series is played. Apparently, we will find an artistic style similar to that which can be seen in the cartoons of the 80s. In addition, the game includes integration with Google Maps, which will allow players to explore The Upside Down.

At the moment, Netflix has not released a release date.

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good to see this 

Very nice, looking forward to it!

Can't wait to see how it turns out. 


Strange, they already had a mobile game so, how this one can be the first one..?

very good