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Just a suggestion for Dell Rewards . Steam Cards using Dell Cash.

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Hello All ! I was wondering if you guys over at Dell Rewards or AW could maybe add Steam Cash Cards for people that just got the Dell Cash from lvling up in Alienware Arena. Most of us would like / love Games being the cash has to be spent in a time frame and most of us mostliky arent going to add it for a new comp or laptop. (Even if we wish we could lol )  

Most of the games Dell Rewards offers are old and in truth a bit highly priced for such old games. I think it would be aweome if we can use our Dell Rewards cash on Steam Cash Cards maybe = to the Price awarded with lvling up in Arena and picking Dell Cash as a reward .  Or try and update the Dell Rewards games to offer a more currant selection . 

I don't want this to sound like im complaining for the awesome reward . I've used some cash for some darn good things on the rewards page as in Logitech Controller and a Display Port cable and 2 Steam games but it would be nice to see more of a selection for us that dont plan on getting a major Dell Product . 

Thanks for the time ! Game On Alienware ! 

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