What Games Are On Your Backlog?

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It's the age-old question, I have too many games and not enough hours in the day. Are you like me and consistently find games that you love that are on those Steam sales - yet forget about purchasing them months, even years later?

I hope I'm not alone in this, I've been thinking a lot about this lately since my "need to play" list keeps getting longer and longer.

For me, I was finally able to knock Disco Elysium off that list this week for the Alienware stream, but it really got me thinking about the number of games that I still have on it. I'm honestly nervous at this point in the number of games I have in the backburner.

Do you guys have any recommendations on how you go through your backlog? Or for you, is it more about having something that you want to play in "spur of the moment"?

Help a girl out, because I'm starting to drown in my list. <3

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#1 Go with your friends: If your friends are all playing a game, you will likely want to try something on the backlog as well

#2 Mix it up: Playing one genre of games can get repetitive for long periods of time. So I play battle royale shooter for a while, then RTS, or slasher RPG

#3 Number-crunching: Create an excel spreadsheet, list all your back log games and give them scores based on different aspects of gaming (such as visual, story, gameplay, time commitment to finish). Use an average / customized weighting system to arrive at a score for each game. Play the highest scored games first. This is the math approach LOL. 


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I do not understand how does this post relate to game news, but okay.

I used to think that there weren’t enough films released so I could watch them every day, but a few years ago I got a job that allows me to watch films all day while I work. And I found out that in fact there are about 2-3 films per day and this is not enough for me) Thank you to the world for TV series.

With regard to games, the situation is the same with them. At one point it seems to you that there are incredibly many of them, since you simply do not have time for this, but in fact it is not. Even decent games don't offer hundreds of hours of gameplay, even though they take years to develop. Based on this, I have long ceased to make a list of games planned for the game. It's useless and only nerves are frayed) The time will come and I will dust off my Steam account and redraw more than a thousand games that I have never looked into)
But there is one life hack. Many games, especially linearly narrative ones, can be easily experienced while watching the walkthrough on YouTube, or you can experience everything together with the streamer you like. Psychologically, this will allow you to tick the box done and calm down. Yes, of course, this is not the same as playing by yourself, but I assure you that after a while I no longer saw the point of wasting time on passing the game myself.


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I'm in the probably rare situation that none of my friends are gamers, so following friend recommendations isn't really an option for me crying.  However, at the start of the coronavirus lockdown period I started having a look at the 'Play Next' shelf in Steam, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. The automatic recommendations are actually really good, and I've found some really good games I picked up months (and even years) ago that I never would have looked at otherwise.

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Bro, if I start thinking about the games I have and the time I have to play it, I will start to cry.


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Anna I have more games back log than I have time, I don't think I will ever "catch up". I usually get the oldest one and then days later add 2 more new games I want 

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too many to count , steam 250 games , Epic 12, ubsoft 25, EA / origin 35 , but i can never find a game i want to play \