Rocket League is now free to play on Epic Games Store!

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You read it right, starting from today September 23 the popular Rocket League is now free to play on Epic Games Store!

Rocket League is a fast-paced arcade-style vehicle soccer game. It's fun, easy to understand and play, but a lot harder to master. It includes casual and competitive Online Matches, you can even play it in offline mode against bots. You can switch between different modes and there are a lot of vehicle and cosmetic customization to choose from. 

As i said it before, the game is popular. On steam charts the average players count from the last 4 months was over 40k and peak of over 70k. And this is before when you had to buy it, now when it's going to be free to play we can expect even more player joining the fun. 

Sadly the game is going to be Epic Games Store exclusive. This means new players won’t be able to download the game via Steam. It was already removed from Steam store. Players who bought it before September 23 will still be able to play through Steam and keep everything they’ve earned.

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Great news!! Happy to hear. I have so many friends who were on the fence about this but glad to know they can play now for free!

quando vc pega o jogo, vc ganha um cupon de desconto de $40 reias brasileiros, na compra de qualquer jogo que custe 59,99, ou mais.