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AWA Desktop App

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Sup Players .

Been thinking , since we have a AWA mobile app why don't the devs create a desktop app?, Yeah i know using a browser is fun , We have just been using it since Noah walked 2 of each type of website onto the Ark . Just thinking it might be great to have fancy new app with a snazzy Ui , We've all looked at the sites same bloody design for so long almost every other website looks like it came from the future.

So here's a few ideas for what such a marvel might require

*As mentioned above ,a snazzy UI with the dark and neon colors the logo is famous for maybe even  a option to set your own colors .

*Definitely a ingame overlay allowing you to keep your AWA  pals up to date of you're fantastic experiences or invite them to join you . This is "Alienware Arena" , when i first saw the name i expected some extreme battles , giveaways and tournaments , but . . .  the site seems a bit dead / slow . just imagine instead of posting your personnel giveaways in the forum you set a massive "ingame" tournament where the victor claims your prize . even AWA can set up some epic events where you can earn giveaways instead of that famous giveaways section where ninjas lurk and clone themselves just for extra keys

*Hell even add a Mini game or 2 with ARP or Customization rewards .

Seriously!! i'm up for anything as long as its new and ignites the ember in my heart that used to be AWA.

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