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More than just admin and moderator posts on front page, please!!!

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It came to my attention that the last week only articles written by mods/admins are getting published on the front page of the gaming news. There are many peoples who aren't mods/admins that put a lot of time in writing interesting and big articles but they don't see those getting some attention on the front page. That is really a pity. Personally, I'm rethinking the whole "writing article" thing a bit. It's also obvious that articles on the front page get a lot of attention while all the other articles are just there, getting nothing or almost nothing. 

Why can an article of an admin/moderator be published on the front page immediately after publication and all the others not??? I can remember that after the "new rules" the moderators were saying that there simply weren't any articles written to put on the front page but that is certainly not the fact anymore. 

Again ... everybody for him/herself but for me it feels like putting a lot of energy and time into writing something, which doesn't get read in the end because it doesn't get on the front page. I don't get why it is so hard to pin well-written articles of non-moderators??? No time? Don't feel like it? It's a bit spitting in the faces of all those who do put time and effort into it. 

Also, answering on a PM is apparently too hard to do. I thought that moderators were there to help the community out, but when you write to them, there doesn't come any answer. So much for being around to help the community out.


  • Add more articles on the front page, aside from the moderator/admin articles
  • Answer to PMs to help that community member out instead of doing nothing.
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