ETS2 - Autoestrada A24 for v.1.41

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It seems that we are going to get some new content for the Iberia DLC which got released not that long ago. The moment the DLC was released, the community reacted that some important landmarks were missing. Whether the Autoestrada A24 is an answer to the community's displeasure or not, many will be happy to see this highway added to the DLC.

The highway creates a north-south route through the north of Portugal, starting at the A25 at Viseu, via Vila Real to the border of Spain at Chaves. The route is 161 kilometres long.


Autoestrada A24 runs north to south across the Douro river valley, connecting A7 and A25. It passes through a very scenic region of Portugal, famous for its many vineyards.


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If this was a job, i'dd say it is one of best to see the world. GL and Enjoy