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Hi I'm new xD

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Hey I'm new here
I'm Manuel, my Hobbies are Gaming, Watching YT, chill with friends and since 2 years working out (it's so cool what it did to me)

I've played a lot of games like it just has to make fun i'm not fixed to a specific genre, i played the woflenstein series, witcher 3, resident evil 2, rise of the tomb raider, battlefield 4 and 1, also a lot of minecraft (also with mods)  + i've got a switch (i really liked Breath of the Wild)

Usually my daily schedule has just school and working out as fixed elements, the spare time i use to do other stuff mentioned above xD

My most recent game i've got was The Division, but before summer break now i haven't played thaat much as i had to learn for my final tests for the 10th grade

Anyone else still going to school here? And what are your hobbies? :O 
If there are any questions just ask me ^^ i'll answer them all xD

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Hi there and welcome to Alienware Arena!

I like the great intro you provided ^_^ (now that a worth +1 from me)

I honestly can say that it been quite a rough year for people that attend school as there are many changes due to covid. However, as for gamer, I think it a huge benefit as you are home more often XD.