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[Solved] Multiaccounts detected...

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So guy (zopazopa) created at least 27 accounts:

I thought multiaccounts not allowed here.

Checked weekly leaderboard looks like he have 30 accounts.


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on the leaderboard those all Level 5 accounts with 126 ARP are multi accounts, and he is creating them like on daily basis and gets them to level 5 each day using some exploit. and admins even dont care/dare to take action

I wanted to report the same thing but I'm glad it has already been done, 

all of these accounts are probably used to take multiple keys in game giveaways... angry

This is why limited giveaways don't have any keys left. I missed so many of them just because people like this exist. Master level key pools no more either. No limits and they can grab not one but a bunch of keys for the same giveaway.

This is why we need a Steam link feature or any other DRM link to claim the free offers ... This would cut down a good bit of Multi acounts and bots just looking to score free keys to trade or sell . 

Looks like these account were wiped from the server. Thank you, AWA!