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48 hours ARP booster become a 24 hours boost

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Yesterday evening i activated 48 hours ARP booster and this evening it's already 2 hours left. Any ideas how it works? It meant to be used as x2 ARP boost for 27th and 28th calendar days login, but seems like it won't happen.

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After the first 24 hours start another 24 hours countdown.

I can't help you with the shortened ARP booster time since the last 48 hour one I used last week worked correctly. But I thought I'd give you a heads up about using them. According to Cartire "ARP Boosters currently only work with Daily Quests. We will add the boosters to more options at a later date." You can read about it here:

So it's best right now to wait to use them for the end of the "collect and win" quests which give you a larger daily bonus for finishing them.

Appa_CFL said:

After the first 24 hours start another 24 hours countdown.

Oh! Yeah you're right, after first 24 hours had been over second 24 hours countdown started. No problem at all, just an unclear way to show up the 48 hours countdown

Prosac0 said:

ARP booster doesn't boost daily login points

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What about Refer friends ARPs or achievements?