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Got other rewards, jersey was missing

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I ordered a keychain, hat, banner and jersey. The package arrived today missing the jersey (I wondered why it was so light). There's no invoice in the package and the tracking seemed to indicate they would arrive together and have been delivered.

Not sure what to do now, could my jersey still be on the way or did they just forget to include it or something? Since there's no invoice at all I can't refer to that, they just put the three items in a box and shipped it.

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Aside from the items (got keychain, lanyard, beanie; missing jersey), I'm in the exact same situation as you. Shipping notification email listed the jersey, but it wasn't in the package. No invoice/slip in the package.


Add me to the list.

No jersey OR t-shirt, even though both were listed in the shipping notification email as being sent with everything else in one package with one tracking number.


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I also got everything ordered but a XXL jersey on Friday.  I contacted Alienware today.

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Yeah, I was also waiting on a jersey that was supposed to ship. Got a pin at least.


If there's someone keeping a list, I'm missing a t-shirt and jersey from the list that they emailed.

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I didn't get my t-shirt, but got everything else yesterday. Kurgan said her package today had everything except the socks while others have mentioned missing shirts (there's another thread people have been posting in). Something about clothing seems to be the issue for some reason. I emailed Alienware yesterday about the shirt, so we'll see what happens.

The other thread:


My recommendations to all would be to email the email with the following information:

  • First/Last name (Has to be both for the shipping label, have had some people send in just their username here and have had issues with delivery.) + username or email for the AWA account associated with the prizing.
  • Shipping address
  • What items you need (include sizes too if it's relevant, in the case of a jersey.)
  • (Not required, but would recommend a ballpark or exact date of when you grabbed it as well.)

For those who have emailed in, our support email crew will begin working on compiling that information and sending it out to the relevant teams. You should get an email response from one of our support members with next steps/confirmation/etc. The actual shipping+creation of the items falls outside our support team's realm.

I feel I should note that our email is maintained by IRL people and not bots, so responses won't be immediate and the responses you do get are real people who will do what they can to help with what ability they have. 

I appreciate folks taking the extra time to log this info for our team and hopefully we can get you all the prizes you earned. Thanks for the patience!

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Don't expect it to ever arrive. I ordered mine a couple years ago and it still has never shown up, nor has AWA ever helped me to get one or resolve the missed one.