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Where are all the Twitch streamers

Rock On 'Til You Drop Dead
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Lately i have been having a really hard time finding available streams, whenever i try to do ''watch twitch'' quest there's usually nobody online!

Can you please try to add more Twitch streamers

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I like ducks.

That's actually a good idea. Most of the time I go to the "Watch Twitch" page there's nobody online.

They either need to add more streamers or create a schedule and, if the streamers want to be Alienware partners, assign time slots to streamers so they have full 24/7 coverage.  That, or there needs to be an official AWA Twitch channel that runs 24/7.  Even if it's just running advertisements for Alienware products (assuming that doesn't violate Twitch rules), just so long as there's something I can watch to earn that ARP regardless of what time I login to complete quests.

'ta fresco mi pana

Add new streamers from other geographic areas, so you can get points at other times (they don't need to be all English speakingcheeky).


I agree for sure certain times of the day or night no one is on.


Yes it'd be great, even for those of us in the same timezones as those streamers. If I'm on very late at night or early in the morning, there's also no one on. But at least, I can wait until during my workday for streamers to appear.


Always been bad for Europe, nobody around in the afternoon when you can quietly grind points on a stream

Are all the replies redacted? I get the following when I click on the notification:

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When accessing the thread via the forum menu, all the replies are showing.


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Because of your "America first" attitude you aren't a global player. Because you aren't a global player you have the "America first" attitude.

Classic vicious circle cheeky