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Can you help me find out where is my

Alienware T-Shirt I ordered? 08-05-2022 was the order date.

Jagjit Dhillon

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If its the Jersey, a buch of us didn't get them or recived them, I sent a support email to them and someone got with me and I sent all my info to them and they said they would send it out ASAP and that was July 25, 2022 and stil haven't gotten it . Now seeing the Shirt ( Black Shirt with White Writting and Alien LOGO) and Green Jersey with Alienware logo have been removed from the Marketplace. I think there was a Vendor issue. I claimed it from the Reward page a few months before the new changes and the adding of the Marketplace. 

Just a good ol' boy

Ah , so they're never coming. Guess I'll finally give up hope after 2+ years. Would be nice if we got our ARP back.


Still waiting on mine as well:

Alienware T-Shirt REWARDED 2022-02-14



I've pulled requests off of this thread and had support compile information from email requests to send off to our distribution partner. I have my fingers crossed that once the missing rewards information gets sent off, updates on the user side should roll in. We work with a third-party vendor to manufacture and ship out our physical prizings like shirts, etc. on Arena, and shipping information comes from them.

It's been 2+ years and I havn't got my Alienware mouse pad. I emailed them months ago and they asked for my mailing address, then never responded back. Still no mouse pad.

Anyone know how to get the ARP back since they can not give the merchindice?


I ordered the jersey and hat in January 2022. I received the hat in April, and according to the shipping info, was also supposed to contain the jersey. I emailed them and they said it was out of stock and should be back towards the end of May. (They also asked if I wanted to wait, saying that all kinds of new merch would be showing up soon, I wasn't). I sent them a reminder back in May and heard nothing since.


I'm missing one myself. Jersey was ordered March 24, 2022.I don't think my lanyard ever arrived from Feb. 23,2021, but that's not a big deal.