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[Marketplace] December games Vault revealed

Alive And Kicking!
  • 23
 Game                Tier  / ARPs Price No. of keys Platform
High On Life Tier 3+ / 3000 ARP   Steam
Gotham Knights Tier 3+ / 2700 ARP   Steam
Evil West Tier 2+ / 2450 ARP   Steam
Ghost Song Tier 4+ / 1900 ARP   Steam


*Please someone tell us the number of keys for each game and I'll update it here. Thank you guys. 

Replies • 67

Alive And Kicking!
Nirjor said: 23m

This month is amazing. I will try to get Evil West.

For me the only option this month will be Ghost Song. I won't have enough ARPs to try to claim the other games. Maybe I'll skip this month as well. i dont know yet.

Nirjor said: 1h

This month is amazing. I will try to get Evil West.

Yeah, this month's game are really good. I really want Evil West & Gotham Knights but will try for Gotham Knights first. Thank you so much AWA for the games!


Well its safe to say minimum there are at least 100 keys of each.   I'd say most of them, like the bigger newer AAA title ones are likely 500 or less keys.  Just a guess.   Evil West just my guess has the most keys available. 



Evil West and High on Life look the most interesting to me.  I don't like the 3000 arp price tag on High on Life though.    High on life reminds me of Journey to savage planet.

sagarWolf said: 34m

ah , i am just teir 2 . its very hard to level up tiers !

Just takes time, you can get to tier 3 in 3 months if you grind, but if you miss days and only do partial stuff will take longer.


Wow.  This is a pretty awesome lineup - though, in kind of a weird way.  The one game I have zero interest in is actually the most expensive, so that's nice.  But I'm actually kinda torn on the others.  The game I'd be most excited to play is Ghost Song, which is both the cheapest and has the highest requirement (awesome to see them actually applying stricter requirements, by the way), thereby improving the likelihood of being able to get it.  But it's also a game I would buy with real money, and it's only $20.  Conversely, I only "kinda" want to play Gotham Knights and Evil West, as they both seem somewhat mediocre in a way that might not hold my attention, but I wouldn't actually buy either of them until they hit the $10-15 price range, so it almost makes the most sense to buy one of them with my Alienbucks.  Either way, it's great to have three games to choose from, any one of which I'd be happy with.  

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Never claimed a vault game before. Which one is getting spent on this, just "ARP" or "LIFETIME ARP"? Nevermind, found the answer.