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And it'll be cracked in a matter of days.. lol

Yeah Probably :P
When will epic get their shit together?

Bl1ndGuardian said:

Yeah Probably :P
When will epic get their shit together?


Its funny but Denuvo as a protection had few issues in new game releases as it was with high CPU usage. Eather way they still implement it even if its cracked days/weeks after launch sometimes sooner. That said game looks cool but the controversy around ... make it realy bad looking.

In my country, it takes less, then a week to crack the game


This solidifies my stance on Borderlands 3.


I was going to preorder it which is something I do not do.  Then it went epic exclusive.  That killed the idea of preordering.

So then I said, well I'll get it once it goes on sale  for 75% off on Steam.  Then the crap with Supmatto.

I wasn't going to get it then I thought, no wait, I'll get it but I will wait till its on humble bundle and I can give all the money to charity.


Now with the news Denuvo will be part of the package.... I won't be touching it no matter where its at till that crap is removed.  I don't put up with that crap on my system.  I can do without the game, I have so many others I can play. Sad I will not be able to finish the story myself, but at least I can read about it and watch some videos for it.

Epic + Denuvo... definitively I'll pass.

So i have a minor issue. It's a bit trivial and i hope i won't make a mountain out of a moehill. While Denuvo is often associated with a negative connotation, it is still up to debate on how negative of an impact it has on games.

Even so, in terms of titles, i think "Borderlands 3 will use Denuvo Anti-Tamper" would be a more suitable title, or something similar. I'm only saying this because this article is now featured and a lot of people will view this article in the future, and in terms of a journalistic approach on the subject and people's view on how alienware features articles, it is best to have an unbiased stance on it.




In a few years it will be on sale for single digit $, I can wait until then. Besides I still have a backlog going back years.