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The origin of your user name

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So my name Liquid is from Metal Gear Solid 1 the main antagonist in the game is Liquid Snake, and 06 are my lucky numbers.


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I tried to change my user name, but in my case, it did not work. I followed exactly the instruction you gave, and I do not understand why I fail. I tried to log out, and now I cannot log in my old account. What can be the reason for this? It looks like either it was blocked or deactivated. I am from Las Vegas, Strip webcam. But I do not think the location is important in this situation.


Just wanted an original name and my nickname (Paco) was already used in every platform ever... so I am el pitaya in most networks

I never knew any other life other than being the single most absolutely alpha male in here. Fite me

My original username has something to do with the fact that i was a dj in the old days, where vynil records where used...

The alien device below may or may not have something to do with that old lifestyle...


"Ah you think Username is your ally? You merely adopted the Name. I was born with it, molded by it. I didn't see the pseudonym until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BEAUREGARDE!”

I decided to go by "epiciownz" when I was 10 years old because my neighbor went by "iownz" meaning he owns (noobs) at games, a phrase that has since fell out of favor. I thought I was being cool by adding "epic" to it. I really want to come up with a new name, but I've gone by epiciownz for half my life online and am unsure about what else I could go with.

I changed mine 2 years ago... this is how I explained it them, and it still works to copy/paste to explain it.

I have used GrayTap for 12+ years, since CS:S was popular. GrayTap in today's world has become too hard for people and they read it in a derogatory way, moving the R after the T. While my new identity may need to be explained from time to time, it won't display incompetence, illiteracy, incomprehension, or whatever other disability plaguing humans these days from reading it wrong!

SO, Out with GrayTap, and in with SaiMorphX.

Sai means Sir in the High speech of the Gunslingers, Stephen King The DarkTower books.
MorphX I was playing with XenoMorph, so Morph Xeno...(Aliens movies)
SaiMorphX = Sir XenoMorph

Pronounced fluidly as Sai Morphics 

I used to play Kirby Super Star for the SNES with my brother. He would play as Kirby,and I would play as the sidekick.  When he created his original user name he called himself "TheKirbMaster," and I referred to myself as Kirby's buddy hence Kirbybudy.

I love Tekken, I love Lili Rochefort, and I love Mademoiselle Lili as much as I love french language xD