Well, what a week it's been for the LEC. It seemed like all business as usual on day one, with only a minor upset coming through in SK's victory over Vitality.. But boy were we wrong.

Friday marked the half way point of the inaugural LEC split, and left us with an anomaly where the standing were perfectly symmetrical.

I don't think any of us saw Saturday coming through - as shown with the analysts 14/60 pre-game predictions.

Not only did Rogue begin the turn around of their 0-9 start to the season, they did it with a methodical pre-30 minute victory over Misfits with a surprise Pantheon pick in the jungle.

But then there's the real shocker. I mean you don't pick Zed into one of the best Western mid laners, a Worlds 2018 finalist, and self-proclaimed King of mid, do you?

Well, Nukeduck does, and Nukeduck fully earns his #AWBigPlay with a huge first blood on to Caps. With the momentum in their favour, Origen controlled the map with their fantastic draft, and enjoyed a well earned victory over the previously undefeated G2.

I suppose in hindsight, we never should have doubted Deficio's prophecy.

What was your highlight play of the week? Make sure to let us know! #AWBigPlays