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Suggestions for games to start KIDS on!

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Looking to expand the games I introduce my kids to and start talking about what you were/are looking for when introducing games to kids.

My daughter is 6 and my son is 3. When I started looking for games to introduce to them I looked for something with limited menus and limited controls. Katamari Damaci was one of the first games I threw in front of them. Worked out well. Simply the control sticks.

As my daughter started to learn to read and wtih her starting to get into Pokemon, I figured I would put Pokemon Ruby on the 3DS in front of her to help her learn and give her a reason to read. A bit of menus/dialogue. Some problem solving. Didn't take.

Other things that they have dug into since: Slime Rancher, Hidden Folks, Cooking Mama, Mario Party, Stardew Valley (a bit),

My son has been digging the NES Classic and Excitebike suprisingly enough.

Curious what other's thoughts and experiences are? What games? What to look for? Etc. In truth, it could be for anyone introducing someone new to games.

Suggestions so far:

Any game you're into

Any LEGO game (always a good suggestion)

Typing games; ex. Epistory - Typing Chronicles



World of Goo

Edge of Hearts

Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons


Super Mario 64

Wario Ware

Wii Sports/Wii Fit

Viki Spotter series


Suggestions for older kids :)


Serious Sam

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Well, if you are a gamer yourself, not just getting trend games or classics, then you might try to get them into what you like (as long as not nightmare inducing).
When I was three, my dad got me into Command & Conquer - Red Alert and then later, whatever console we were able to get. Had an old nintendo, so classic mario bros and then a ps2 with snowboarding, atv, rugrats, the incredibles, lord of the rings.

Though, since you said that they are starting to read, then perhaps they might like typing games too such as Epistory - Typing Chronicles

Since enjoy Slime Rancher, maybe Minecraft and Satisfactory would be nice. Exploration, building, patience, following instructions.

Though, it looks like they enjoy Nintendo games and those usually be all ages. You might like to also try Spyro and Crash Bandicoot from the same area of games.
Also, World of Goo is always fun.
side note: on the old style NES Classic, I quite like the game Edge of Hearts.  ..has some reading, but is mostly hack and slash.

When in doubt, LEGO Games win them all.  ...Though, you could also get them to look through games too and choose.




but I don't have kids - so it's just a guess

When your girl/boy turns 8 yrs old, PLAY "Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons"

You will need one controller (gamepad) - both you and ur kid will control the characters using one controller (nice unique controls)

the game has beautiful Graphics and the story is really nice....Puzzles are great (both you and your kid will like working together to solve them)

However the reason why i say wait till they turn 8 is becuase the game deals with the topic of "death in the family" (in a sweet way)

it a great way to introducing your kid to the topic of death.








Honestly, i think the best games for kids is any Lego game out there... There is no blood or anything in them it's just lego and we all love lego don't we? ^^



We recently picked up Slime Hunter.  Great game for kids 6-10.  I really wish it had 2 player co-op.  Other than that one "flaw" the game is fun.

Kingdom Hearts is a good one makes Kids interested because of all the Disney characters they know and with games on different consoles you can look for one that is suited better for them to play. However it is rather hard for younger ones ;)


Super Mario 64 best game for them to get into real 3D games.


Super Mario Party and Wario Ware are best suited to introduce them in the controls with lots of funny minigames so they don't get bored of the same to fast.


Wii Fit Minigames and Wii sports also perfectly suited play it with my doughter and nefie from time to time.

Puzzlegames, Picture search games and those stupid farm games from facebook are also something that make them interested ;)

Viki Spotter games are a fun series of "what is the difference of this pic to the other one"

I would go with games like Minecraft, Mario series and maybe some point and click games.


sakebreath said:

serious  sam 

Dead Space. :V

For economic games you can try "Transport Tycoon Deluxe".

It's old inaf to have a free version and its easy - the child will not go bankrupt quickly.

And you can give orders when the game is paused.

In my opinion modern versions are meaby better but expensive.


or "mashinky"


Or find any monopoly version.


Generally, minecraft rules in kindergarden :)

"My time at Portia" has better graphics. pegi 7.

Slime Rancher, Rime are good too.

Original "Lego Universe" was good. I know remake exist but I did not checked it.


For strategy try "Imperialism". Yes 1 - the oldest one. The easiest.

City buliders are good too - Anno series, Sim City series.

"Centurion: defender of Rome" would be good, but the Cleopatra seduction scene is not for kids. :P


For platform games (primary shool age) : 

"The lost vikings" (logical tasks - might be difficult but you will help ;P ),

"Prince of Persia"1 (skill tasks + 1h game time limit),

"Jill of the jungle" (free)


Look at "Epic Tavern". But I did not walk it all, so I'm not sure.

If you play with your kids try "fallout shelter".



sakebreath said:

serious  sam 

BiancaRoughFin said:

Dead Space. :V


Quarantine, Doom, Thief, meaby Hitman

but Dead Space (1) is the best xD!

(2 is just a heavy shooter, but 1 will scare you to death)


Or you can buy Star Citizen - it will be published in 5 years, so just in time ;P

(honestly SC is a good product, but its a different story)