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So...I'm kinda lost here, how does the lvl system works nowaday?

Because if I check my status window on the top right side, it says that I'm lvl 1, and the level Never raises...

But, if I check my profile, it says that I'm master bronze, lvl 30

But again, it still never raises, so...

What am I missing? O.o

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The first one means Master level 1 (Bronze). A Silver one would say level 2 (of the Master tiers).

The second picture of your profile is where you are Bronze level 30 with points in between 8500-9000, at 9000 you would level up to Silver Lv. 1 on your profile page (The side status nav would show a silver badge and Lv. 2(I repeat, Master tier 2). Then in your profile, you would go through the points levels (Silver) 1-30 again and after another 4500 points, reach Master gold at 13500.

Mine look like this.  


Oh, ok, thank you for the explanation.

I got worried because I've been at lvl 30 forever, and that gold bar on the top image got filled a while ago, but nothing happened, but I guess I just need to reach those 9000 arp then.