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15,000 Gwent Barrels gone in less than 1 second.

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Disappointed with how this is promotion has gone from start to finish.

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XxSeRyIxX said:

Keys was a lie ...


Yeah...It does make you wonder if there really was ANY Barrels.

Yep, have to agree with you. I was there in the first minute and the all out frowny face was what I was greeted with. Hard to believe 15000 barrels went in the first second but there are lots of techy people out there who probably have algorithims and bots to pick them all up. For the casual gamer it seems pretty disappointing.

I was also wondering.
But even bots can't do that in 1sec.
The page ran too well for that

Curious, I only see posts from those who didn't get a key. Anyone actually get a key?

I had load the page and there was not a button. Then I reloaded the page and it said that all keys are out. Thats not cool.


I live in hope that the problem is, that they weren't ready to start this Barrel giveaway just yet...and it is still going to open up.

? Am I dreaming :)