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Change the giveaway system

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Hi fellow aliens.

I'm writing here because I was very, very disappointed by the big Cdprojekt giveaway week, and the way giveaways work here in general.

For the witcher 3 / cyberpunk 2077, I find it totally disrespectful towards all of your most active and oldest users to tell them "hello, we're hosting the biggest giveaway ever with free keys for an upcoming AAA game you're all dying to play, but any new user / bot will have the same chances than you to earn one"

It's like saying to everybody who comes here everyday, makes the site live, and all who uses awa since years that all of this support is for nothing since it's not rewarded accordingly.

I understand that a giveaway like that it supposed to advertise and drag new users, but you guys should have made different giveaways keys pools according to our ARP ranks, or make the giveaway works differently so that frequent and loyal users would have more chances to earn a free key than any newcomer or bot who just created an account.

I've always missed all the most interesting giveaways in here, either because I wasn't here the right day at the right time, and this need to change too.

We should be able to get keys for the games we're most interested into and / or currently playing, and not lose it to other users because they just wake up at the best time to claim the keys before you.

I'm pretty sure a lot of the free cyberpunk and witcher 3 keys will be sold by users who didn't even want / need them but used bots and fake mail accounts to get them.

And this is one of the major issues for giveaways here : they don't have any anti-bot system, don't have any system to prevent from abuse and misconduct.

I think all giveaways should work differently in order to reward users according to their ranks and activity .

In the same spirit, daily login rewards and calendars, after completing a few consecutive full days / months logins, should offer interesting rewards instead of just skins for borders and badges.

Otherwise, nobody will want to come everyday and create and share content here, because it's worthless.

To finish, I think users should be allowed to select the game genres and titles they're interested into the most, and the game titles they're currently playing so that they would get priority keys for the giveaways related to these, while we'd have less chances to get keys for games and genres we're totally not into.

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there should be levels to the reward system? For people who not only have had accounts but are active. There is also a downside thou, why would people stick around if they are fighting over scraps. Maybe if people registered for keys, the higher tiers get a bigger percentage available to them. I thought the above post was pretty important. 


The keys should be linked to ones steam account and can only be used there and not re-gifted on other sites, so people can collect points. It's a silly system and if you're not looking for 1 minutes most keys are gone and re-gifted.