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is Dell outlet store worth it?

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Hello,  I'm trying to buy a new laptop and i just discovered that Dell sells refurbished or even brand new laptops with just scratch and dents.  any comments or advice?

PS.  can you suggest me an awesome gaming laptop alienware or other Dell brands.

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Wow,  I didn't realize Dell sold refurbished laptops; that's pretty cool! Seems like there isn't much of a discount for the refurbished laptops though. The biggest discounts are on scratched or dented ones. Since there are no pictures of them you'd have to ask yourself how comfortable you are with some cosmetic damage?

As far as suggestions go, it depends what you are looking to use it for (gaming, video editing, etc.) From what I saw the Alienware laptops are either m15 or m17 R3's and R4's which are solid options. It would be nice if the refurbished ones had more info for them though, such as which graphics cards and CPU's they have as well as how much RAM they have. Some of them had more info about them than the others. Personally, when I'm getting a new laptop I want to know exactly what I'm getting. Hope that helps :)

Also, love the avatar hahaha


Thanks CiaraMist.  

I'm excited to buy my laptop.  but still ultimately undecided.  and the laptop i'm looking is for purely gaming. hehe  Thanks for the advice.