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Toxic games

There are so many multiplayer games out there, and with that comes trolls. I want to know what you guys think is the most TOXIC game out there. I believe it is (based only on what I've played)

1. League of Legends - I have a love/ hate relationship with this game. Don't expect to come home after a hard day's work and unwind with a game of League. I learned this the hard way. How about you won your last 4 games and now you're in promos with and you get a mid-laner who wants to feed? 


3. Call of Duty

4. Fortnite

Let me know what you think is the worst game for trolls in the comments below! Also, if you play these games, how to combat trolls? 


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League of Legends, and I'm suprised that Dota 2 isn't listed here, or did that die. I hoenstly never liked that game, so I wouldn't know

Bro Cod Bo2 on Xbox 360 is by far the most toxic. Those 10 year old kids are nasty.

Top 3 games with toxic trolls

1, Apex

2, Overwatch

3,Dead by daylight 

Most mainstream battle royales seem to attract some of the worst of it

World of Warcraft.


Not only are Trolls a playable race, 3/4 of the playerbase are Trolls in real life as well.