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AlienFX support on Linux.

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Linux is amazing.  Microsoft has their own version now, but the most supported version is Ubuntu (Debian), along with Arch, and Redhat.  Sadly many manufacturers still don't support the Linux community and this makes it difficult for users and developers to get everything working in Linux.  Fortunately the beautiful Linux community does it's best to make up for manufacturer failings with community driven initiatives to support devices.  Combined with support from big hitters like Dell and Nvidia, Linux has become a very capable and modern platform.

My new Aurora R12 works beautifully in Linux except for one signature part, the AlienFX lights.  It's not super important in the grand scheme of things, but considering how much of a premium we pay for AW style and aesthetics, it would be very satisfying to have the lights work in Linux. 

Dell has been a great supporter and friend of the Linux community for years, however the AlienFX brand focuses  solely on Windows gaming.  However with Valve's "Steam Play" initiative, and cloud streaming like antstream, GeForce Now, and Stadia, gaming is more and more moving off of the draconian Windows platform over to the freedom loving Linux arena.  Besides that, Alienware computers make great workstations on the Linux platform by leveraging the Alienware power with the resource efficient Linux distributions.  You just get more bang for your buck on Linux.  I'm currently using two AW PCs to satisfy my gaming and productive needs.  I've got an X17 laptop equipped with an RTX 3080, 32 gigs of ram,  and solid state drive for my Windows VR gaming.  I am setting up my new Aurora R12 for productivity with Linux, equipped with an ATA Hard drive and an RTX 3060 for rendering.  With more and more bad decisions coming from Seattle, I think we'll see increasing desire for Linux setups over the coming years.

The community driven AlienFX project located at attempts to support the AlienFX lights, but without manufacturer support it has failed to shine a light on all the Alienware devices, my Aurora R12 included.  My hope is that Alienware would please consider contributing to this community driven project so that we may all see the light.


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