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My 1st Day Here!(:

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Hello everyone, I’m new here! I just received my Aurora R12 in the mail last night and I’ve been loving it! My last computer was one I built 6 years ago and she just wasn’t able to keep up anymore so an upgrade was well needed. I’m starting college at the end of this month for computer science and software engineering, with the dream that I’ll one day be creating video games that maybe one day will become so popular, Alienware will release free keys for them! I’m super excited to be able to game again now that I have a badass PC and my “battle station” is almost complete. Right now, my favourite games are Rogue Company and League of Legends, and I’m also replaying the latest Final Fantasy. The graphics on this computer are insane for that game; you can see each individual strand of hair, whereas on my old PC I’d play for 10 minutes and it’d overheat and crash. Anyways, I’m super excited to be here and I’d love to hear what games y’all are into right now to expand my horizons! 

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Hi there and welcome to Alienware Arena!

Great intro you got there ^_^, well deserve my +1

babos1 said:

How come you are level 5 in your first day?

I did every possible thing I could to get ARP after activating a boost :P

Welcome!  I guess I joined not long after you.

I played quite a bit of Warthunder on console, which led me back to PC to get into DCS World and Star Citizen for the realism and immersion.  It'd be a good area to look into to expand your horizons!