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I'm new here. Recommend me your best game

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Hello to everyone, I'm new here, my name is Kenny and I'm from Perú (sorry for my English so formal, I learned it that way XD). I'm a casual gamer but I really enjoy RPG and shooter games and more if they are online ;). 

I will try to be very active in the forums and participate more in this community.

Finally, recommend your favourite games!


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welcome, i heard a lot of good things about The division 2 ~ seems to be a fps rpg or something ~ i'm really into Genshin Impact ~ so yeah give it a try i guess ~ 

Hello, I joined recently as well. Welcome! As the above post mentioned, Genshin Impact is great. While not online, Tales of Arise is a great entry to the Tales series and its probably one of my favorite RPGs I've played in awhile. Highly recommend. 

Favorite games.... pfffiu, not a easy question, i think i'm a "Bethesda Boy" i like a lot Fallout (not Fallout 76... no no no no no) and Elder Scrolls.

i enjoy playing Diablo 2 Resurrected. you may pace yourself at your own or group up for a team up to 8 players.