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50 ARP "Please Come Back" Reward from email not crediting?

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Hey y'all, Noob here,
I signed up to AWA when Splitgate did their skin partnership with them, and didn't touch AWA since. Didn't even know what it was to be honest.

Got an email a few days ago saying if I followed an email link I would be granted 50 ARP for coming back. Hadn't a clue what kind of currency ARP was, or why I was getting Alienware emails, but 50 sounded like a lot of "currency", so I followed the link and have been pleasantly surprised by everything the site offers honestly. Much more fun that checking my works internal website every morning lol.

Haven't seen those 50 ARP slam my account though, and I emailed support, but hadn't gotten a response, so I figured I'd double down and make a thread here too, just in case. And I mean I could see it being time-gated, but I definitely clicked on the link within 24 hours, and there isn't any fine print that makes me think there's any other strings attached (and there isn't any fine print that says when it will hit my account, nor was there a pop up on the site to say I "got" the offer, or whatever)... 

Kinda addicted to the whole idea of getting ARP and stuff though lol. So 50 would be cool... Let me know if I need to do anything else? Can send in a screenshot or whatever. Thanks in advance for the help!

Edit: Added in some returns for ease of readability. The leading on the font in here is just small enough to make walls of text sooooo daunting lmao


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