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Battlefield 2042

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Anyone plan on getting BF 2042? My PC should get here a few weeks before launch so I’ll definitely be on for day one. What are some of your play styles/tactics you like using in BF multiplayer games? I personally like sticking to one gun for an entire week so I get it down well. I’m generally gathering information for my team anyway I can. I’ll sit on a mountain side for 20 minutes spotting people and target locking vehicles for my teams launchers. When I get tired of that I’ll usually grab a shotgun and go hunting lol. 

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I just started playing the game but I'm taking it slow going through solo to test out the different guns/vehicles/etc etc and trying to get use to it all before jumping into the deep end with everyone. It gets old watching new people take vehicles, have people join and then quickly wipe everyone cause they had no clue what they were doing.

It sucks.. dont bother buy or play it.. 

very huge maps, run run run run run run run and die like gameplay.. damn!