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the ultimate pain of grinding

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I konw that sme of you are in favor of the new level system and i like it to but come on the grinding for reaching one level to another level takes your life. In the old system i was in the hardcore and bam to level 1 now i reach level 2. yes i know that i past there were limited ARP rewards now the opportunity for gaining ARP  in also increased but look at the level system it requied a ridiculous amoung of ARP just to level up. The old user have a alot of ARP it effect them too but user with one year or half year it make hell for them. Now lets talk about the new users (good luck!)cheeky

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"The pain of grinding" could be reduced if:

1) The process of linking of social/steam accounts was made easier and more baka-yoke

2) If steam quests were always correctly verified (I am not sure if that has something to do with the games not properly showing as owned, or account linking issues)

The "grind" is what it is, and eventually I will get to level 2 and will be able to open up more of the cosmetics that I have unlocked, and I might be able to afford to get a level 2 game form the vault.

Currently, I am still level 1, and all of my points come from daily check-ins, flash games, and the daily "explore & participate" the AWA website missions. I have yet to have any of the twitch or steam based missions work for ARP credit after joining AWA 3 months ago. In fact, this comment is an attempt to complete the "chatter box" daily mission without making a "ty", "hello", or some kind of meaningless bot type alphabet soup reply that habitually pops up under the (QUEST SOLVED) thread.