I just noticed I received 32 arp today with twitch quest so it seems to be fixed now but, will we receive any compensation for all the days it was bugged?
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02.06.2024 06:11:53 - saturnine23 -
Awesome that it's fixed! Ty for the update. Strong agree that some sort of ARP makeup package would feel fair. I'm a dedicated daily Hive viewer. It's probably the biggest part of my participation in the Arena program.
02.06.2024 13:56:37 - Reiatsu -
I lost 78 ARP during those 13 days of bugged twitch
02.06.2024 17:25:57 - Fruit Punch Samurai -
Maybe AWA will offer the Pn295 Twitch artifact at a very low price as compensation. Though, that's useless for members that already have it.
02.07.2024 15:28:26 - dreZmoL -
I hope we can get the ARP back. :D