-MUST READ- Quick guide to daily Arena Reward Points (ARPs)

-MUST READ- Quick guide to daily Arena Reward Points (ARPs)

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Welcome to ARP 5.0 Guide! 

VIDEO GUIDE for those who are lazy to read. (Video will fully embed when the function work)

You are here because: 

1) New to the site and have no clue what to do 

2) Just want to level fast, so you could get some awesome game keys

3) Looking to stay and make some friends

If your purpose isn't listed above, just read whatever I wrote here anyway XD

Section 1: How to earn ARP?

Since this guide will be about how to quickly level up your account, I will skip all of the detail relating to what ARPs are and if you wanted to learn more, there will be information help desk below.

Now, let get started!

*If you haven't logged into your account already, you should do so now XD

Part 1: Daily Quest

Click on the ARP STATUS at the bottom right corner, this should expand it and show you what you need to do.

Once clicked, the expanded ARP STATUS should look similar to the image below.

Don't know how to solve the puzzle? No problem, we got amazing puzzle solvers here on the forum that are willing to help! Visit the AWA On-topic section and look for thread with the title such as "Daily Quest"

Part 2: Daily ARP

This part is simple, just log in every day and you are earning ARPs! 

As for voting on content, just visit any news, thread, image, and video and click the up or down arrow on the content as you see fit (5 votes = arp reward). 

Quick Fact (credit goes to Cartire)

Q: When do Quests reset?

A: All Quests reset at 00:01 UTC

Information Help Desk


In-depth ARP earning guide

Meet the moderator 

Alienware Arena Mobile App


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Thankyou so much. This will help. :)


Wow! Thanks for the clear and detailed explanation Mod
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Thanks! i loved the explanation.

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Thanks for tips!

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thanks for the info here. glad to see a mod here supports us plebs haha :D


Thank you for great post for new users


Thanks, that was a clear what-to-do list and sounds good to me.


Sounds good, thank you for your information and efforts moderating the forum. I know there is a wealth of information that be learned from such a community.


Great new user guide.


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