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NEW: Canada is now part of Arena Rewards.

Alienware Arena has had an active Community Rewards program for the past 8 years and we're happy to announce things just got turned up to 11. While most reward programs require customers to purchase something in order to earn points, Alienware Arena members can simply earn ARP through community engagement and site activities. Another great advantage is you do not lose your points when claiming rewards. You'll continue to level up with ARP and unlock merchandise, game codes, discounts, partner deals and more. 

Before we get to the changes to the site (and some of the complaints that are going to be pouring in from non-US users), I want to quickly thank Cataboom for working with us on the new Quest formats. As well as Alienware for allowing us the opportunity to create this new program. They obviously don't visit the grown-ups section or else they never would have green-lit this. TOO LATE NOW! 



On top of all the normal leveling perks you guys receive, US and Canadian users who are 18 and older will also be able to claim different loyalty rewards as you level up. There are 5 rewards for every tier that you can select from. You can select one reward every time you reach a tier, which means that each time you prestige, you get to go back up the ranks selecting new rewards. Starting next week, you'll also have a chance to win game codes and more through the Daily and Weekly Quests. Which means, every day is an opportunity for more rewards.  

Let's go ahead and get it out of the way now. "WHY, OH WHY, IS THE REWARDS PROGRAM US ONLY?", I can hear a lot of you already seething. Hold back the rage for a moment and let's explain the current dynamics. Because we are trying something completely new with loyalty rewards, we have to keep the program small at the start. Our goal is to start spreading to more countries next year, but before we can do that, we need to analyze how members respond to the current program. All members still have access to the new Quests and site wide changes. In the meantime, I will offer this advice. All rewards are retro-active. Which means, when you finally can claim rewards, you'll be able to go back through each tier that you missed and select them all at once. So don't stop being active on the site. Keep leveling up!



We have revamped our Quests. Every day, you'll have a new game you can play. These games are quick and silly, but they do give you a chance of scoring up to 50 ARP on a single game, along with additional rewards for US members. Of course, you can also lose and get nothing, lol. Weekly's are a lot harder. You have 5 days to figure out the answer to the puzzle. Each day will unlock a new clue. You have to work to figure out the clue as well. Some of the clues will be hard and confusing on purpose, but we know, evaluating the hard work you guys did on the previous quests, that the community can figure it out. It's up to you to share those answers, because the best rewards are given out to the members who figure out the quests first. Good luck! You're going to need it. 



We've done some tweaking on the site as well. You'll notice pretty quickly that voting on replies has been removed. Why? If you're a veteran here, you know the reason why. "THANKS FOR THE NEWS!"  Yeah, you guys gamed the system before and we learned. Apparently, we just can't have nice things. I'm sure you're trying to figure out new exploits, but be warned, Alienware does not tolerate that nonsense as much as we did. Now that this new program is active, they are all about banning the spammers as fast as possible. ProTip: It's not worth it. Keep your accounts active by following the rules and contributing positively.  

We've also added 2-factor authentication for members who would like a little more security on their systems. You can also change your own emails now. I know, a modern feature of 2004 on every site is now finally on Alienware Arena. 



Finally, we've added more functionality to our notifications. First and foremost, they are now instant. So you no longer have to reload the page to see new notifications. As well, you can now tag members in any post and you'll also receive notifications if someone posts on your chat wall. We also have a new daily email service (you must opt-in) and browser notifications. We will only spam your email daily if you have new notifications that you haven't seen. 


This is a fun change for Alienware Arena. It's been hard work getting this put together for you guys and we really hope you enjoy it. We have more additions to the program coming in the next couple months and we'll also be diligently working on issues that are sure to crop up with such a big change. We ask that everyone here please be patient with us while the site transitions to this new era. In the meantime, post any issues you have in our Site Bugs forum, as well as any suggestions you have in our wisely named, Suggestions forum.  


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Great, i welcome the new changes, especially the voting part that people really did exploit , shame that it has to go but its all for good. Keep it up.

Everything is terribly lagging, but the changes are very beautiful.
It's a shame of course that all the awards, only for US citizens


Alienvaroyarena is getting better and better, and it's very exciting.