Ship of Heroes opens registration for its first login test

Ship of Heroes opens registration for its first login test

It’s uncommon for a development team to describe an upcoming test phase as “boring,” since the goal is usually to get fans excited and happy to take part in testing. But Ship of Heroes is not mincing words with its plans for the login test on Saturday, December 15th. Players who sign in will be concentrated in a small area with no character generation, no powers testing, and really not much to do beyond “see if the game can handle this many logins at once without melting down.”

That’s not to say there’s nothing else happening, of course; chat will be working and everyone’s randomly generated character will be unique, showing off the range of types available in the game. So while you have a limited playground, there’s still some ways to have fun. The registration is open to those who have donated $25 or more to the game’s ongoing development, so if you’re still excited even with the admitted boring nature of the test, consider tossing money in by the 11th to take part.

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"On December 15th, at about 10 in the morning eastern time, we’re going to conduct a login test with Ship of Heroes supporters and devs."

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