Dead or Alive 6 has been delayed – but only by two weeks

Dead or Alive 6 has been delayed – but only by two weeks

Dead or Alive 6, the forthcoming instalment in Team Ninja's popular fighting series, will no longer release February 15 as scheduled. Instead, according to a statement by the game's director Yohei Shimbori, it'll release on March 1 to allow further work on the game.

"The title’s development is already near complete; however, we would like to take more time to further polish its balance, gameplay, and expressivity,” the statement read. “In return for your patience, we commit to bringing you the best Dead or Alive gaming experience. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience caused by the release delay of Dead or Alive 6.”

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round had a rocky launch on PC back in 2015: it launched without its online functionality and inherited the subpar graphics from the PS3 version of the game, rather than the prettier PS4 graphics (it released for PC long after the console versions). So it's positive that Koei Tecmo is bothering with PC at all this time – fingers crossed for a smooth launch.

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Nooooooo, damn heathens. what will I ever do in those 2 weeks. they have ruined it.



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i still remember the hype on xbox360... those were the times ^^


come to my PC baby












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Original February 15 release date pushed back to March 1.

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