Shield Shock Steam Game Key Giveaway

4-Player Party Fighting Game
Keys available to Level 20+ members.

Shield Shock is a 2D Platform Fighter Game all about blocking!
Use your shield to block enemy projectiles and release mighty attacks right back!
This 4-Player Party Fighting Game will have you playing alongside friends to defeat the onslaught of Blockers or face off against each other to see who is the finest Wielder of Shields!

Shield Shock's Awesome Features:

  • Story/Arcade Mode - Battle Against Waves Of The Endless "Blocker Onslaught", Proving Your Worth In The Trials of Shield Shock!

  • Party/Vs Mode - Face-Off Against Your Friends In Various Modes To See Who Comes Out Victorious!

  • Play As A Variety Of Different Heroes To Find A Play-style That Works For You.

  • Explore The Vastly Unique Areas In The Shield Shock Universe.

  • Find Mighty Pop-up Shops - Power Up With Class Upgrades.

  • Unlock Special Costumes For Each Hero!