A Total War Saga: Troy will be on the EpicGamesStore for 24 hours, August 13th

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Hey, hello there. As the tittle says A Total War Saga: Troy will be free for 24 hours August 13th on the EGS ladies and gentlemen!
 After the 24 hours free period the game will be an Epic exclusive for one year, and will be available on Steam on 13 August 2021
Bear in mind that this is one of the big names on the strategy game genre so make sure to claim it if you like this kind of games (Or just claim it and keep it forever)

I highly encourage you to check this post created by this Creative Assembly employee on the Total War forums which goes into more detail on the reasons why the went with this whole exclusivity deal and the launch day free period.

Link: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/a-total-war-saga-troy/home

Also i higly encourage you to check out the current EGS freebies

Stay safe people and take care!

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Sweet, i'm not going to complain about free games, although i'm really disliking the predatory tactics EpicGames is taking with these exclusivity deals

At first saw made me expect a story mode game with multiple choices haha but it's free so ty!

and i like those deals by EGS , not everyone living in germany and get enough money to buy modern games which have a large weight (many gbs) and a price, not small..