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New Suggestions for AlienwareArena Giveaways and old ones as well as questions.

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I guess I will start with the question first.  I remember that when I click on the menu option of Giveaways, it use to scroll through all past ones, which was great in getting in on giveaways that might still be good.   So what happened to that ability?  Where are those giveaways that still have keys/freebies/etc?

Suggestion:  New and Old

I like the older way that allowed you to scroll through all the giveaways from Alienware Arena.  If it has been moved to forums, it isn't the way how the old way seemed to work.  However the one problem with both the current version and if I can remember the old way, when keys/freebies/etc were given out or expired you wouldn't know till you clicked on the giveaway.  The current ways also doesn't say so, so I get excited to see the offers and then after clicking on the ones I like, they all say keys given out.  Very disheartning.  Could you find a way to shadow out the giveaway as a way to let users know that the giveaway has been used/expired, since I assume you still want to show visitors and members some of the great giveaways you have had recently and in the past.

I am hoping this is where this message belongs.  I will admit I am not active on the boards as my last Alienware product is over 5 years old now and support or at least updated support in terms of hotfixes for issues never resolved or left...... like looking down into the ocean over one of the main trenches (Mariana Trench).  It soured me on Alienware and I can't decide if I want to go Alienware again or go to other.

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There's a lot of things they should change to the giveaway system. And yes, they should totally remove or just hide the giveaways which doesn't have any key left to offer.

Also, they should make different key pools depending not only on our arp level but also on our country and timezone, so that users who wake up after others wouldn't get screwed all the time by seeing "no more keys left" because the giveaway started when you were sleeping or working.

I've made a topic to discuss about it.

Hi all,

I'm new here on Arena and I've been saving up to buy an Alienware laptop for about a year now (still not anywhere near there) but that's life. However, I try to stay up to date on what's new with Alienware so when that time comes to finally make that glorious purchase, I know what to choose.

I just watched the latest twitch reveal and I was excited to find out about the giveaways so I stayed tuned to participate in the competition, just to find out in the end that only Alienware Arena members could take part. Now I have never owned a gaming PC before, only consoles growing up and low-end PCs, so joining Arena until I owned one wasn't ideal. So to win the giveaway I started an Alienware Area account.

This process took a while as I had to change my VPN just to see the home page. Finally after reading the forum's 'how tos', I clicked on a link that would hopefully allow me to paste my code on the website to participate in the giveaway, just to be told I had to be on ARP level 2 to participate. Absolutely winded. 

I read a lot of reasons as to why things are this way and I understand it to some degree. I live in South Africa, a country where buying an Alienware product requires consumers to contact secondary salesmen that mark up the product at least 40% and do not offer credit deals. So we have to make it work as our country may be to blame, however, I can't shake the feeling I am not able to join this community easily for other added reasons as well. 

Prizes such as these are kept in the community, some of whom already own these products. Yes the followers should be rewarded for being supporters of the Alienware Arena, but what about those trying to also join Alienware, what about expanding the community and bringing others on board by offering them these giveaways. I spent a good part of the day trying to just enter the giveaway, just to be told my skill level was not up to standard. 

Please do not get me wrong, I love Alienware and its products and would still love to own one, but may I request that you make your products a bit more accessible. Be it as drastic as shipping to other countries or minimal as changing your giveaway standards. 

I mean this with all due respect of course. I hope this reaches someone who can voice these words of concern and perhaps make these changes.

Thank you

PS. Don't shoot me, I just want an Alienware PC.