Watch Dogs: Legion get's an updated specs table.

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Ubisoft has updated the Watch Dogs: Legion website to show an updated list. Needless to say, Some of the requirements are a bit shocking.


Not much has changed on the Non-Ray Tracing side. The "Ray Tracing On" Table is chocked full of updates. These updates even give recommendations on what your DLSS setting should be to get the most out of your experience. One huge note on both these tables is the inclusion of a dual channel setup and a Nvidia RTX 3080 for the high end portions of the tables. Ubisoft seems to be pulling no punches when it comes down to system demands that leave our single stick of RAM brethren out in the cold. What do you guys think? Is the updated table more than enough to scare you away from this title? Comment below.

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ole podre jugar a 1080p en ray tracing, le tengo unas ganazas que veas